Sunday, May 10, 2009

"I won 8 Gold Medals at the Whining Olympics!"

This is Matthew's response to a whine of Emily's today. My response was "I like to whine too!" Emily is still laughing, so . . . whining managed!

Bob and Kristy's Blog- Mother's Day Edition

For Mother's Day today, my goal is to not do any work. More accurately, my goal is to get others to do all the work that I want done today. We had a nice breakfast of waffles and bananas in bed this morning; BBQ Salmon, french bread, and corn on the cob for lunch; and now the kids are cooking bacon and eggs for "breakfast for dinner".

Meanwhile, I spent two hours reading the book I got for Mother's Day. I had to go to Deseret Book this week to pick up a book for someone else, and the first table in front of the door had about 20 books for Mother's Day. There were a lot of pastels and a lot of flowers on the covers of those books. Many had sentimental titles, others had self-depricating titles; I couldn't bring myself to pick up any of them. Perhaps it was the sheer number of choices that put me off, I don't know. But I decided to peruse the other shelves to see what else struck my fancy.

I walked past the fiction, the teen fiction, the books for teenagers, the books on how to deal with teenagers, the books on how to deal with kids, and the personal finance section. Then, I saw it, the book that I kept going back to and didn't want to leave without. Sergeant Nibley, PhD: Memories of an Unlikely Screaming Eagle. My guess is that not many moms wanted that book for Mother's Day; I really am happy with it, though.

In other news, Bob taught Nicki to ride a bike two weeks ago, and now she is a little daredevil. I'm going to attempt to subliminally claim so credit by posting this on Mother's Day, but really it was all Bob's doing.

In Matthew news, Matthew will be taking the AP Biology exam tomorrow. He is also now a member of the National Honors Society. Congratulations Matthew!