Saturday, May 24, 2008

James Cross Country

James has found a sport that is a good fit for his body type: cross country running. The Jr. High had a two-month cross-country program and James ended up doing ok. One of the races was a bit chilly, however. Grandma Judy and Grandpa Dan joined us at the race that was a little chilly. James finished middle of the pack for a 6th grader racing also against 7th and 8th graders. Assuming James stays a skinny guy, this might be his thing.


We rented a cabin at Mt. Hood for a couple of days and did some skiing. Everyone tried the skiing. Nicki and Emily took ski lessons for the day while the rest of us were up shredding on the hill. We also did a little hot tubbin at the cabin...
Grandma Judy and Grandpa Dan joined us on the trip and chose to help with lunch instead of skiing. About halfway through Matthew's video, it appears that he almost collides with a snowboarder. Check it out...

New (old) piano

I've been reminded that I haven't updated this blog for about 5 months. So, here's the 5-month update.

One thing we've done is get a new piano. The piano is actually about 90 years old, but it has been substantially restored. Matthew and James are taking piano lessons and seem to be picking it up ok. The girls will probably start piano lessons this summer.