Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hawaii Pictures- Finally!

We didn't have a cord for our camera in Hawaii, so we could only post videos made on Matthew's Flip camera.  Here, finally, are some photos from our trip.  

Iao Valley.  The trail looked like Multnomah Falls with different folliage to us.  It was very pretty, and also made us realize that we live in a beautiful place as well.

Our first dinner in Hawaii, at Napili Kai.  

Matthew and James at Napili; we enjoyed several days of snorkeling at this little beach.  Just around the point of land behind the boys is Kapalua, of the famous golf course fame.  Bob and dad enjoyed a round of golf there one evening.

Get ready for Surfing School!  We went to Goofy Foot Surf School (like everyone else in the family has) and we could't believe that they actually could teach us to surf.  None of us were goofy footed though, although we are all a bit goofy in general.

Bob catchin' a wave.

Brunch at Kapalua- verry nice!

Dinner at Kimo's at sunset- it really was as pretty as a picture.

Kimo's still.  Poor James, this was his first day with his sunburn, and he was too sick to eat anything other than a few bites of the ice cream pie.

Bob under the famous banyan tree in Lahaina.  

Mom and Kristy, just before a local sitting on a park bench decided to apply to become our personal tour guide.

Matthew, expressing how he felt about walking all over town just to see a tree.

The beach at Mama's Fish House.  At the time of this photo, there were people taking pictures all along the beach, and it was very difficult to get a shot without someone else (especially "the stupid kid" who kept running behind us) getting in the photo.  Good camera work dad!

Grandpa on top of the world!  He is at the top of Mt. Haleakala, and behind the peak, visible amongst the clouds, is the Big Island.


Donna said...

Ahhh, so do you miss it yet?

Also, you said that Bob didn't get a Hawaiian shirt, but you didn't say he already had a few to wear.

And sorry, we didn't take a single picture of the kids the whole time they were here. Oops. But the memory will last in our hearts forever.

Emily said...

wow I'm glad I didn't walk all around town to see a tree. :)