Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maui Day 4

Sunburn! James, Matthew, and Bob all got a sunburn yesterday. So, today is T-shirt day, and spf 85 sunblock day.

Donna says that Emily is bored, and Nicki is having a good time; sounds like the girls have made themselves right at home, and are behaving just like they do for me! Thanks for having them stay with you, Donna.

Emily, I think you will have to b e the one to add humor to our blog through your comments. Love you!

Here is a video from the first day:

P.S. James and Matthew are tired of going to slow, noisy, grown-up restaurants, and they just want McDonalds.


Katy said...

Wow. Those camera skills are about as good as that guy that lived across from Grandma and Grandpa in Salem.

John said...

I nominate you for an Oscar in the category of "Best Cinematography in a Video for a Blog Post".

Glad you guys are having fun.

Emily said...

what do you mean "e"?

Bob/Kristy said...

That should have said "be", Emily.

Dad took the video. Unfortunately, we didn't bring a cord for our digital camera, so Matthew's Flip camera is the only way we can post pictures while we are here. Be prepared for more "Jarl-style" camera work.

Emily said...


Dan & Judy said...

like you pictures.
Love you all
Looks like you are having a
great time.
Love, Grandma Judy

Don and Joyce said...

Now I know why Jarl's video style was so unique--he did not know how to turn off the camera!